Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A 15-day grace period to stop noisy music all the buses in Sri Lanka

Minister of Transport, Electricity and Energy Mahinda Amaraweera has stated that time will be given till January 15th to stop the display of music videos and videos which will be used to harass the public in all buses.

Speaking further Minister Gunawardena stated that this time is given to all bus drivers as the time required to obtain songs prepared by the National Transport Commission. I urge all drivers to stop the noisy music on buses after January 15th. Steps have been taken to regulate the measure.

The Minister of Transport Management, Power and Energy Mahinda Amaraweera made these remarks at a function held at the Makumbura Multiple Transportation Center yesterday (31st).

The National Transport Commission (NTC) has introduced a collection of songs in the buses instead of loud buses.

We took this decision after considering the complaints made by the commuters. The passengers told us not to sing and to let go of our tranquility and comfort. At the same time, the National Transport Commission decided to give people a chance to listen to the music of the suburbs instead of the rhythmic songs that are now being played.

That is how this opportunity has been created. We do not wish to implement this program as a matter of law. The driver should have an attitude of the people. We are doing this to the public. Therefore, I urge all brothers and sisters to avoid the wrong approach of playing these loud and loud songs.

The bus driver and the conductor are two important characters. They provide a great service to the public. The passenger public thinks of the drivers and conductors of the buses as a nuisance. It is wrong. We, as the people, should respond to the people with a positive attitude.

Some of the conductors have told me that some passengers get on the bus, trying to create a dispute. Even if they get close, they make mistakes and get into trouble. We should all respect one another.

These songs we give today are not just for the sake of staying put. This program has a lot of meaning. Our passenger transport system needs to be refreshed in line with the President's mission to build a new country. If a country is to develop it is important to have transport services.

As a government we have initiated a program to streamline our transport services. We will meet with the President today and discuss. He will never allow bribery, corruption or fraud. He said that if a public servant is involved in fraud and corruption, the law should be amended so that it will never be possible to re-enter the public service.

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